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Rust Is Cool

October 15, 2020

I recently set out to learn the Rust programming language. Why? Because new languages are fun and maybe I’ll use it some day. It also so happens that lots of smart people from the functional programming communities I lurk in also like Rust . This was fascinating to me at first; my experience with functional programming has been about as far away from machine code as you can imagine. Meanwhile, I understood Rust to be something of a modernized C++.

The Step After Notebooks

March 19, 2020

The quality of an analysis is measured by impact. Analytics exists to solve client problems, and with the volume of client data continuing to explode, data science represents a vital opportunity for impact. People realize this: IBM forecasts that there will be almost 3,000,000 data science jobs by the end of this year. Unfortunately, data science is a complex domain, and what I’ll call notebook-driven development, the popular technique of conducting an analysis primarily in Jupyter notebooks, does little to manage that complexity.

Arguing for Correctness

January 10, 2020

One of the most important jobs of a software engineer is convincing people that a program is correct with respect to some specification or other. Perhaps most often this person is ourself, but it can also be a teammate, project manager, or client. It would be lovely if we could formulate “correctness” as a logical conclusion, which we could deductively argue using properties of our programs as premises. That is, if we could actually prove that a program is correct.